Who do you love more: your partner or your mobile phone?

Roses are red, phones are smart, but which of these two, has your heart?

The ultimate in true romance. There for you through thick and thin. Whatever the hour, ready to give you the comfort, reassurance, and joy that you so desperately need in your life.

Of course, I’m talking about your mobile phone. Yes, this tiny piece of technology has it all… and then some. But do you love it more than your partner?

The safe answer – especially if your significant other is reading this over your shoulder – is no. However, the good people over at Tech21 decided they didn’t believe you, and so they went ahead and dug a little deeper. Brace yourself.

Let’s start with a scary stat that will have you taking your phone with you to the loo from now on: A huge 29% of people said that they check their partner’s phone without them knowing about it. Whether it’s snooping on your Messenger chats or looking at your personal snaps, nobody likes the thought of a partner invading their privacy.

That’s not all. 20% of people said that their phone was their most precious personal item… but tell us something we don’t know, right? The average Brit checks their phone around 30 times each and every day, according to Three UK.

Smartphones can now do everything from helping you check your finances to booking a cheeky weekend break. It should come as no huge surprise that it tops the list as one of our most treasured items.

Time with Your Loved One

Okay, so we’ve already heard that people tend to check their phone around 30 times a day, but how does that compare to how often we check in with that special someone?

Well, according to the stats, people speak to their partners around 23 times each day. Yes, that means that we spend more time looking at our smartphones than chin-wagging with our loved ones. But – let’s be real – your partner probably can’t turn your face into an Animoji.

Morning, Honey!

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing that you do? More of us (27%, in fact) said that they check their phones rather than speaking to their partner. Just 15% of people said that the first thing that they do is say hello to their significant other. It makes sense really. Your phone alarm goes off, you turn over to silence it, and quickly check Facebook while you’re there. No biggie.

The Pain of Breaking Up

What type of break-up do you fear? Does the thought of your phone smashing to the ground give you pangs of panic? We hear you.

Half of people surveyed said that breaking or, indeed, losing their phone would be the most upsetting scenario. Only 39% of people thought that their partner forgetting their anniversary would be the saddest thing to happen. That tempered glass shattering is more significant than a shattered heart.

Two Different Types of Love

Of course, the truth of the matter is that you really can’t compare the love between a person and a phone and the love between two people. They are two very separate things. It’s probably not that you love your smartphone more than your partner… Just that you love it in a different way.

Remember, stick to that line the next time your beau tells you off for looking at your phone screen and you should be golden.

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