Who is Apple burning in its new ad about privacy?

“Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

Let’s face it – Apple usually stays out of conflict.

Most of the time, the company’s adverts and campaigns solely focus on the latest features of each new product. But that could be about to change. Yes, in the latest TV and online advert, the company is taking a new path and could well be taking a shot at competitors or social media companies.

The video starts with the simple statement ‘privacy matters’ and then shows a series of clips in which people are protecting their privacy in some way. For instance, there’s a ‘no trespassing’ sign, an adorable guard dog and a couple of guys hushing their conversation. Interestingly enough, the advert doesn’t feature any of the iPhone’s security features.

“If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on,” reads the final sign-off at the end of the advert. The message is simple enough, but does it have an underlying shade that we’re missing here? Could the advert some unspoken messages? So many questions! Watch it for yourself…

Of course, there’s no denying the fact that Apple has some rather remarkable security settings. Long gone are the days of mere passcodes. The modern-day devices are now fitted with a variety of security systems. From fingerprint scanners to facial recognition, iPhone just seems to be getting more and more secure.

Facial recognition really changed the way in which people use iPhone. You can use the feature to unlock apps such as Apple Pay and your banking app. With every new generation of iPhone, the company is bringing out new features that should protect customers’ private information even more. It’s all crucial stuff.

Privacy is becoming an increasingly bigger issue. These days, we keep everything from our banking details to personal photos online. It’s plain to see why people would want to do all that they can to protect themselves. The fear of our private information getting into the wrong hands is more than enough to spook the best of us.

That worry is not unfounded. Last year, the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal showed that we have less control over our personal information than we imagine. That means that any provider or company that promises a high level of security is certain to be attractive. So, with that in mind, the fact that Apple is putting this priority at the forefront of the business can only be a step in the right direction.

Whether the new advert is setting out to burn competitors – or otherwise – it certainly gets the point across. Privacy matters… and don’t we all know it.

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