WWDC 18 Keynote: All the biggest announcements from Apple

Here’s everything you missed from the big event!

In case you didn’t hear, yesterday was the start of the 2018 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

It’s a pretty huge deal as it gives us a chance to see what the great minds at Apple have in store for us.

As usual, the WWDC 18 event kicked off with perhaps the most important keynote of the year. Here are the highlights!

iOS 12: More Power to You

We all knew that this one was coming. Yes, as part of the Apple Special Event, the powers at the mega brand gave us a sneak peek of the next operating system – iOS 12.

Here’s what we know so far:

Make FaceTime a Party

Fancy FaceTiming with 32 people at once? Well, now you can.

Yes, one of Apple’s great new features for iOS 12 is the fact that you can now add more and more people to video calls. What’s more, it should be simple to keep track of who’s talking. The person who speaks gets larger on the screen of your iPhone or iPad making it obvious.

New AR Capabilities

Using ARKit 2, developers can create ‘immersive augmented reality experiences.’

One of the most exciting things about iOS 12 is the fact that Apple has teamed up with the people at Pixar to work on some of the features. That means that AR creations can be sent via Mail and Messenger so you can share all the fun with your friends.

As though that wasn’t enough, there’s a cool new measuring feature. Just point your camera at an object and your iPhone or iPad will tell you the dimensions of it in seconds.

That’s sure to come in handy when you’re trying to work out whether your suitcase is the right size to take on a flight as hand luggage.

Say Hello to Memoji

Last time, Apple gave us Animoji, but the team has upped their game and will be taking things one step further. Memoji is what it sounds like – an emoji of me (well, you). The idea is that you create a personalised emoji that looks like you and expresses your feelings.

(Spoiler: There’s no denying the fact that this is pretty similar to Samsung’s AR Emoji. But let’s pretend that we haven’t noticed…)

Camera Effects

Messages and FaceTime have been gifted an extra feature that iPhone and iPad users are sure to love. You can now use in-app camera effects when you’re chit-chatting with your pals. From animated effects to Animoji and Memoji, there are a load of ways to make communicating quirkier than ever before.

Faster Functions

Of course, not everything about iOS 12 is fun and games. Some of the new features are about pure practicality. For example, the people at Apple promise that this version of the operating system will be faster than ever before. They’ve said that there will be up to 70% faster camera swipe, up to 50% faster keyboard display, and twice as fast app launches.

Is My iPhone or iPad Compatible with iOS 12?

Here’s the full list of iOS 12 compatible devices:

Watch OS 5: Be More Active

The Apple Watch has come a long, long way in recent years and – as part of the latest keynote – the team decided to give us all a preview of the Watch OS 5.

It’s clear that there’s a heavy fitness focus with this latest system which certainly taps into the main reason that many of us use wearable technology.

The update means your watch will be a great all-around fitness tracker. You can get super competitive and use ‘Activity Competitions’ to challenge a friend.

There’s also an automatic workout detection system, which will start recording the second it realises that you’ve started a workout. Plus, there are new running features like the pace tracker which means that you should be able to get your tempo in check. Easy.

Of course, it’s not all about getting healthy. The new Watch OS 5 will mean that you can listen to your favourite Apple Podcasts using your watch as well as a ‘smarter Siri’ that helps control the whole thing. There’s a lot to love.

Apple TV 4K: Cinematic in Every Sense

If you’ve yet to get aboard the Apple TV train, it might be time to do so. The latest incarnation of this little box has some rather cool features. As the name suggests, it will now allow you to watch TV and movies in striking 4K HDR.

That means that pictures should be brighter and crisper than ever. Apple says that this will make everything feel more ‘lifelike’ when you’re enjoying your favourite shows.

Plus, the hardware now works with the likes of Siri, which means that you can control the whole thing using your voice (much like you control the Fire TV Stick using Alexa!). It works with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and ESPN among others.

macOS Mojave: Simply Powerful

Ready for the latest macOS update? There was another preview in store for everyone watching the keynote. Yes, we got a glimpse of what macOS Mojave might look like. Here are some of the sweet highlights:

Manage Files Easily

If you’re the type of person with a billion different files saved on your Mac, this latest update may be for you. The Stacks feature will supposedly make file management easier than ever. Rather than you having to organise your desktop files, the feature should put them into related groups.

Dark Mode

Distraction-free working is the dream that we all have. Apple is trying to help us get one step closer. Dark Mode sends toolbars and menus to the back of the screen and should help you focus on the things that you’re working on. The mode works with apps that you already have on your Mac as well as some third-party ones.

Dynamic Desktop

Fancy having a desktop background that changes throughout the day? Well, that’s pretty much what Dynamic Desktop is. You can choose a picture that has different modes for day and night. For example, the lighting in the picture may fade throughout the day. It all looks very natural and… let’s be honest… seriously cool.

Quick Look

Sometimes, you need to make a few small edits to a document, but you don’t want to go the whole hog and open it up. That’s where Quick Look comes into play. The feature means that you can tap on a document – such as a PDF – and edit it briefly without having to launch an app at all. Oh-so-simple.

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