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Awesome phone photography and how to achieve it

Want to improve your phone photography? View our favourite phones for photos and how best to achieve picture perfection that your Instagram followers will envy.

Capture, edit, share. Here are some general tips and tricks on how to capture some killer photos on your smartphones. We’ll cover some of our favourite phones for photography, plus some cool ways you can enhance your images further with popular apps.

Samsung Galaxy S8 camera

General Tips

Here’s some of our basic tips for capturing the best images.

1) Use of Light

When outdoors, avoiding the sun and picking your time of day are important, depending what type of pictures you want. Avoid shooting directly into the sun (bonus tip: try hiding the sun behind an object for a cool effect), or towards a bright light if shooting at night. Instead, position the light behind you, or to the side, to expose your subject to the most amount of light possible.

2) Experiment and Enjoy

Shoot lots of images to get that one money shot.  Enjoy yourself. And get creative. Hang around a spot for a while; weather and light can change within minutes, generally, creating a new image right before your eyes.

3) Go on, Zoom in Closer…, Is Not What You Want to Be Doing

Don’t zoom too much, or at all if you can help it. You get a better-quality image without the zoom. Try and work the subject if it’s a bit too far away, move to another spot or try and get closer.

4) Make of the Most of Existing Lines

Landscapes, buildings and roads all have natural or man-made lines you can use to line up your image perfectly. Give it a go and turn on your smartphone photo grid in your phone settings to assist you lining shots up.

Huawei P10 camera


Now that you’re a pro, and you’re all set for your summer holiday, it’s time to decide what camera phone is best…

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