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Here’s how you can save £20 on Spotify Premium

That’s 12 months for the price of 10!

There’s nothing like slipping on your headphones, choosing your favourite song (hello, Beyoncé!) and drifting away in your own little world.

Some might even say it’s a form of meditation. Not me, but other’s might.

Anyhow, while you’re daydreaming about finally nailing the Single Ladies dance once and for all, the last thing you want is a rude interruption to your fun.


It’s one of the great drawbacks of having a standard Spotify account, that you have to deal with adverts between songs. You could be getting into your groove, when suddenly the vibe is killed when a cheesy, commercial voice starts selling the latest Citroën hatchback to you. Total buzz kill.

You may have thought about taking the leap and going Premium before now, but decided it’s just too expensive. After all, adult life is filled with irritating fees, from your gas and electric bills, to your monthly rent. But what if we told you Spotify Premium accounts are available on the cheap…


Yes, the music streaming service is now offering an annual subscription at a discounted price of just £99. Since monthly subscriptions cost £9.99 (with the exception of the family deal, which is £14.99), that means that you will ultimately end up saving just shy of £20.

Of course, the only drawback here is that you have to pay for the entire year in one upfront cost. Still, you need to speculate to accumulate, as the old and oh-so-true saying goes.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, which is likely why this deal only lasts until 31st December. That means that you will have to be snappy if you’re hoping to bag yourself a bargain.

Spoiler: The service offers 30 million songs, all of which are totally ad-free, and the ability to download music to your device. That means that you can make a playlist and listen to it wherever, whenever… even if you don’t have signal or an internet connection. This is the future.

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