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How to boost your phone’s speaker volume

Turn your smartphone into a ghetto blaster by amplifying its speaker volume, using this one simple trick.

As much as I dote on mobile phones, I will admit that they could occasionally do with a little extra speaker volume.

Especially during the brief summer window, when we like to escape into the great outdoors with friends, and enjoy nothing more than basking in equal measures of sunshine and music.

Or for those moments when we stumble across what can only be described as an ‘absolute tuuuune’, and want to showcase it with the volume it deserves.

Sure, smartphones like those in the HTC One series, with their HTC BoomSound technology and dual frontal speakers, perform admirably for their relative size. But sometimes you want to push the boundaries…

And with this simple life hack, you can, by transforming your mobile phone into a less cumbersome, less 70s boombox. All you need is a standard cereal bowl…

Note: skip video to 7:25 for the good stuff

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