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How to get Apple Music free for six months

Apple Music. All your favourite tunes, free for six months.

The way we listen to music has changed. Getting hold of a new album, or even reliving an old one, is today easier and cheaper than it’s ever been. That’s thanks to the rise of music streaming services, like Apple Music.

It’s just like Spotify in that you, once a member, can stream as many tracks as you like at a set, £9.99 a month cost. But, unlike Spotify, you get a free three-month trial to see if you like it. And better still, if you’ve just signed up to an EE contract, you can access free six-month trial.

In this post we’ll tell you a little bit about Apple Music and its features, and then explain how you can join the service and start your free trial.

Apple Music – What’s All the Fuss?


Apple has been a huge influencer in the music industry ever since it first launched the iPod in 2001. So it only seemed natural that it would eventually launch its own music streaming service, taking on the likes of Spotify, Google Play and Deezer.

Apple Music boasts a catalogue of over 40 million tracks, including many, if not all of your favourite songs. And based on the music you like and listen to, it gives you recommendations to help you discover new material. Material that you can download for offline listening, if you want to save data.

But it’s not just songs. There are music videos too, as well as concert films and live shows, many of which are exclusive to Apple Music. Likewise, users can stream original shows from Apple’s very own radio station, called Beats 1, with DJs like Zane Lowe on the decks.


After some usability criticisms when it launched in 2015, Apple Music has since been redesigned with the roll out of iOS 10. The fresh new look is a lot cleaner and easier to use. For us, it’s probably the best user experience among the available music streaming services.

Get Apple Music Free for Six Months on EE

If you already have Apple Music, don’t sweat, you can cancel it (see below) and start a new six-month trial through EE. But before you start with the steps below, make sure your software is up-to-date (on iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update; on Android go to Settings > About phone > Software update), and you’re connected to WiFi.

  1. EE will send you a text with a link to get your Apple Music membership started. Click the link.
  2. After clicking the link, the Apple Music app will open on your iPhone and your membership from EE will be verified. On Android, you may need to download the app from Google Play.
  3. EE will send you a verification PIN by text which you’ll need to enter into the verify membership screen.
  4. Enter your Apple ID username and password (create, if you don’t have one).
  5. Help Apple Music pick song and playlist recommendations for you by selecting your favourite music genres, artists and bands.
  6. That’s it! You’re not up and running with Apple Music, and can start streaming right away.

How to Cancel Apple Music Before Starting EE Trial

If you’re setting up a new six-month trial with EE, but you already have a membership, then you’ll want to cancel it first. EE makes this really easy.

  1. When you start setting up your Apple Music membership through EE, following the steps above, you’ll be notified that you already have an account. Tap OK.
  2. From the Apple Music home screen, tap the Apple Music account icon that’s located at the top left corner of your screen.
  3. This will take you to your account page. Here, tap Manage under the Subscription menu.
  4. Finally, switch the Automatic Renewal toggle to OFF. You can now set up your free six-month trial with EE – BOOM.

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