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How to improve your iPhone battery: 8 tips and tricks

Boost your iPhone battery using these easy, effective tips.

Streaming HD video content and playing high-res games on your iPhone demands a lot of power. So it’s no surprise that batteries don’t last as long as the they used to on our Nokia bricks.

That being said, with the right tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can improve your iPhone battery life way beyond its typical duration. We’re not talking about a few minutes. Follow our mobile battery advice and you could boost your iPhone by hours.

We recommend reading all of our iPhone battery tips and tricks, because combining them will help increase your battery performance in further.

1) Update to the Latest Software

Downloading the latest version of iOS doesn’t just give you access to hot new features and an refreshed interface. They often include advanced energy-saving technologies says Apple, so they’re worth the update.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update, and download any available new software.

2) Don’t Close Apps

For as long as iPhones have allowed us to close our apps (by double-tapping the home button and flicking the windows away), we’ve thought doing so would benefit our battery life. Guess what? It’s a total myth.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, confirmed as much after receiving an email asking whether Tim Cook quits his apps frequently and whether it would improve battery. Federighi replied “No and no.”


It’s actually possible that closing apps on a regular basis could have the opposite effect to what’s intended, because your iPhone is forced to go through the strain of reloading apps each time. Not to mention that the screen uses power whilst you shut them down.

3) Switch on Low Power Mode

Perhaps the most obvious solution for squeezing more life out of your iPhone is Low Power Mode. Introduced on iOS 9, it reduces your devices demands for power and can, according to Apple, yield an extra three hours of usage.

When your phone drains to 20%, you’ll be prompted to switch Low Power Mode on. If enabled, it will automatically turn off once you recharge to 80%. But you can manually turn it on or off whenever you like by going to Settings > Battery.


Why wouldn’t you turn it on and keep it on? Well, Low Power Mode prohibits certain apps and functions from performing as normal, like stopping Mail from fetching, turning off voice activation for Siri and dialling down some visual effects amongst other things. For up to three hours more battery life, it’s a fair trade.

4) Identify Your Power-Hungry Apps

On iPhone, you have the ability to see exactly which greedy apps have gobbling up your battery life, helping you work out what to avoid when power is running low, or, perhaps, what to delete altogether to put a plug in the drain!

To see what apps are guilty of using up your battery, go to Settings > Battery and looking under Battery Usage. Filter to 7 Days for a better view on the most power-hungry apps.



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