230 new emoji coming to mobile phones in 2019

Highlights include falafel, a sloth, and a yawning face!

If you’re tired of using the same old emoji all the time (hello, upside down smiley!), we have some exciting news coming your way.

This year we’re all getting treated to a whopping 230 new emoji. The final list of emoji additions for the year has now been approved by Unicode Consortium.

Here’s what you can expect from the update.

Emoji 12.0

The Emoji 12.0 list, which will be coming to a phone near you soon, includes 59 completely distinct emoji. However, when you take into consideration the gender variations, that number quickly shoots up to 75. Plus, when you also include variations in skin tones, it goes up to 230 brand new emoji.

Right now, we’re not entirely sure how each of the emoji will look – and this will differ from platform to platform – however Emojipedia has offered some sample images. The designs have been given an Apple-esque look and show us some of the best upcoming emoji. While there are loads of newbies coming soon enough, let’s take a moment to look at some of the most interesting ones:

Image credit: emojipedia

Mixed Skin Tones

The hand-holding emoji is sure to be one of the most popular. However, with the new additions to Emoji 12.0, we will see a majoly inclusive change here. The list includes people with mixed skin tones holding hands.

Gender Inclusive Couples

Aside from that, there will also be gender inclusive people holding hands. The emoji can either represent those who have a style close to this look or people who don’t identify with the existing gender emoji. Nice.

Same Sex Couples Holding Hands

There will also be new emoji that show either men holding hands or women holding hands. These emoji could be used to represent same sex couples or simply friends or family members holding hands. The meaning of the emoji depend on how you use them.

Emoji Showing Disabilities

Previously, there’s been a lack of diversity when it comes to depicting people with disabilities. The latest update is set to change that. New emoji include a deaf person, a person with a probing cane, a person in a wheelchair, and mechanical arms and legs.

Colour Changes

The squares, circles, and hearts are getting some much-needed updates. The new changes mean that each of these shapes will be getting a new array of colours. The emoji will all be available in red, orange, green, purple, yellow, blue, white, black, and brown. While it may not seem like the most exciting change. The colour options certainly mean more variety and are a welcome addition to the line-up.

New Food Emoji

Of course, we are a generation obsessed with what we eat. It should come as no surprise to find out that we’re getting a load of brand-new food-based emoji. Yummy additions include butter, falafel, waffles, garlic, onions, and an oyster. Delicious.

Furry Friends

Finally, there are a few extra furry friends coming to your emoji list. New emoji include a sloth (yes!), an otter, a skunk, an orangutan, and a flamingo. If you’re an all-around animal lover, you’re sure to be pleased with the latest update.

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