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5 things you need to know about the new Nokia 9 PureView

The perfect choice for photography gurus!

Yesterday, the powers at HMD Global made a pretty huge announcement…

Yes, the long-rumoured Nokia 9 PureView is finally here and it’s everything we wanted it to be.

While there’s a great deal to love about this latest flagship, there’s one thing that you absolutely have to know –the camera setup is epic.

1) It Features FIVE Cameras

Packing five 12MP Sony cameras, the PureView is sure to become the smartphone of choice for photography-loving fiends.

To create this marvel, the company has worked closely with Light and Qualcomm. The latter had the tricky task of making sure that the latest Snapdragon hardware could handle the massive camera offering.

But what does a five-camera setup actually do? If you’re confused, don’t panic. Three of the cameras are monochrome sensors, while the other two shoot in colour.

The two systems work together – one to capture detail and the other to add tones – to take a super crisp, clear photo every single time.

Plus, Nokia is also working with Adobe Lightroom, which means that you can edit the picture to perfection on your device. Remarkable.

2) It’s Looks Pretty Darn Slick

Of course, it’s not all about the camera. You’re probably wondering what the PureView looks like.

Combining both metal and glass for the outer casing, it’s an entirely modern look. You’ve got an aluminium frame and curved Gorilla Glass around the device itself. There are curved corners too, which not only makes the phone easy to grip, but also means that it has a soft, contemporary style to it. Oh, and there’s no headphone jack.

The screen offering is a huge 5.99-inch OLED display and there’s a lip at the top and bottom of the design. Other than that, the phone is relatively bezeless.

To put it simply, it won’t look out of place next to the latest smartphones on the market by any means. The Nokia 9 PureView comes in just one, stylish colour: Midnight Blue.

3) It’s Got Enough Power to Impress

So, what’s under the hood here? Well, the device runs a custom version of Snapdragon 845, which has been developed with Qualcomm to support the camera system. There’s also 6GB RAM and a decent enough 3320 mAh battery too. That should last you long enough.

Then, it has the Android 9 operating system, which many users know and love by now. Unlike some of its rivals, Nokia hasn’t customised the OS too much here, which means that you get a clean, unadulterated version of Android to enjoy.

4) It’s Limited Edition

Want to get your hands on the Nokia 9 PureView? You can pre-order yours today. The smartphone is ‘limited edition’, which suggests that there will be a cap on the number of devices that are manufactured. So, if you’re blown away by the offering here, you better hurry up and place your order!

5) It Comes with Free Wireless Earbuds

As if Nokia 9 PureView wasn’t appealing enough as it is, you can get a free pair of Nokia True Wireless earbuds (worth £129.99) with it when you pre-order one from

Totally free of wires, these stylish earbuds make listening to music absolutely effortless. You’ll have to hurry if you want a pair, though – this offer ends once the pre-order period is over!

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