Amazon opens a checkout-free store to the public

Say hello to Amazon Go, the potential future of retail!

It’s been in the pipeline for quite some time, but Amazon has now officially launched its fully automated, checkout-free Amazon Go store to the public.

Yes, the shiny new Seattle headquarters has an Amazon Go store which is open to everyone – non-employees very much included. The move could be a sign of a serious change in the world of shopping, especially if it proves to be a success…

How Does Amazon Go Work?

The idea behind Amazon Go is actually very simple. You scan your smartphone, and a computer vision AI system monitors everything that you take down from the shelves. That means that you simply walk around the store, pick up everything you need, and walk right out again. Easy.

You don’t need to head to the checkout to pay, or even go to a self-service counter. Instead, Amazon’s system tallies up everything you’ve removed from the store, and charges it to your account.

Nothing could be easier… Which could actually be a problem if you’re the type of person who finds it hard to track your spending habits.

Of course, the Amazon Go shop employs some staff, to restock shelves, work in the kitchen, and perform tasks like checking ID for alcohol purchases. Still, this type of shop is most certainly one step closer to a fully automated retail experience.

What Can You Buy at Amazon Go?

So, you’re probably wondering what’s available to buy from the first Amazon Go shop.

Well, it doesn’t look much like your average supermarket. Rather than offering an extensive range of ingredients and products, the shop simply sells a modest array of drinks, meat, produce, snacks, meal deals, and Amazon’s meal kits to go.

In short, it may not be Amazon’s answer to Tesco, but it’s likely to become a typical workday lunch spot for the people of Seattle. Picture the scene. You head on during your lunch break, quickly grab a sandwich, and then head on out to enjoy it in a nearby park.

Plans for More Amazon Go Stores?

If you think all the above sounds nothing short of genius, you may be wondering when an Amazon Go shop will open up near you.

Well, right now, the retailing giant hasn’t yet announced any public plans to open more stores of this nature. However, should all go well with this flagship shop in the US, it’s likely that Amazon will want to expand to other parts of the globe.

Should that happen, it would completely change the way that people shop, making it a quicker, easier (and less personal) experience all around.

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