Apple is finally fixing this annoying volume problem

iPhone will stop killing your videos every time you change the volume.

While Apple tends to get things right about 99% of the time, everyone makes mistakes. One of the company’s oversights in recent years has certainly been the volume function. More specifically, the interfering graphics that pop up when you change the volume level on your iPhone or iPad.

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to watch your favourite YouTuber on your iPhone, but the volume is just too low to hear their great beauty hacks, so you press the volume button a few times.

The moment you do so, an audio graphic suddenly takes over the screen, restricting your view completely for a few seconds, until it finally disappears. Alas! You may never know how to perfect liquid eyeliner wings with just a spoon.

Farewell, Annoying Volume Graphic.

Thankfully, on iOS 11, the next big iPhone and iPad update, this will no longer be an issue. Yes, one of the best things that the tech giant has changed here is the audio graphics.

When you press the volume button when watching a video, you’ll no longer have your media obscured by a massive box in centre of your screen. Instead, the volume bar will be small and discreet, positioned out of the way at the top and bottom of the screen.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest, simplest changes that make all the difference when it comes to interacting with technology.

When Will the New Volume Update Be Available

This improved volume feature will be rolling out with iOS 11. We don’t know when the official launch is yet, but if we were to guess, we’d say mid-September, along with a new iPhone. If you can’t wait until then, a beta version (unfinished) of iOS 11 will be available in July.

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