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Apple may be releasing a new iPhone 7 colour

This new iPhone 7 colour could be available in time for Crimbo!

In the lead up to the release of iPhone 7, the world was buzzing with speculation around its rumoured design and appearance. Many expected big changes, seeing as Apple was moving from an ‘s’ model to a new number…

Though, when iPhone 7 was released, the transformation was not quite as dramatic as some may have liked. In reality, the new looks pretty similar, apart from the relocation of the antenna strips and no headphone jack in sight.


Regardless, you should never underestimate Apple. It’s a pro at generating hysteria around its latest gadgets, with another trick rumoured to be up its sleeve just in time for Christmas.

By now we’re familiar with the two new black variations of iPhone 7: Matt Black and Jet Black. But it seems that there could be yet another new iPhone colour coming our way before long. That’s if believe the gossip mill over at the Mac Otakara blog,

And what, of all the colours available, has Apple allegedly picked?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s… *drum roll*… white! But not just any white, you see, this particular shade of white is described as ‘Pure White’ by the tech blog and will be an ultra glossy version of the colour. Kind of like the Jet Black. Sounds rather snazzy, right?


As you well know, the folks at Apple usually release a full colour line at the same time that they release a new product. It would be pretty odd to see the tech company release yet another phone colour so soon after iPhone 7 launched.

Of course, we can’t confirm whether the ‘Pure White’, or perhaps ‘Jet White’, version of iPhone 7 will be available in the near future. Since this is just a mere rumour, you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up just yet. But, I know, I’m dreaming of a white (iPhone) Christmas this year!

Editors note: We do not accept any liability for damage caused to your iPhone through the application of Dulux Pure Brilliant White non-drip gloss finish paint for wood and metal.

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