Is Apple playing catch-up?

Rumours are circulating that Apple is planning to release two curved screen devices towards the end of next year, around the same time of the annual Apple product launch – handy!

Recently, Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG have both already released ‘curved’ mobile phones in their home countries, with the indication that they may also be released in Europe at the beginning of 2014. Apple, it seems, wants a piece of the action!

apple catch up

The curved revolution is portrayed differently between the two Korean giant’s devices. The LG G Flex actually flexes from top to bottom, whilst the Samsung Galaxy Round is curved from side-to-side. The G Flex has also been linked to the superhero ‘Wolverine’, as it can self-heal scratches on the rear of the phone. This is done by coming complete with a special cover on the rear, which magically clears scratches within a few minutes – impressive!

In contrast, the rumoured Apple devices are also anticipated to feature much larger screens than the current iPhone devices, which feature screens circa 4 inches. Due to the existing larger screen and phablet devices currently achieving success on the market, such as the HTC One, LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S4 which all feature larger than standard screens.

One thing is for certain, despite Apple not being the first to enter the market with curved, and large screen phones, it will not harm the success of these proposed new devices, due to the ever-familiar obsession with new Apple products. The ace up Apple’s sleeve is of course the strength of the brand, and despite other manufacturers already selling curved devices, the delay is Apple releasing their take on this concept will not really put consumers off.

What makes the whole curved screen concept interesting is the first impressions left by consumers forums. It seems the general consensus of these people is that the curved screen is a little pointless. Have we therefore reached a peak in smartphone technology? And will the proposed curved iPhones be too late? Watch this space!

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