Apple wants to kill cables by charging iPhones over WiFi

Say sayonara to charging cables.

It’s fair to say that Apple is lagging in the charging game. While Samsung and other smartphone brands have embraced wireless charging (using charging plates hooked up to the mains), the beloved iPhone still needs a power cable plugged in the traditional way.

With that in mind, Apple may be about to go the extra mile and surpass the competition with an even more advanced version of wireless charging…

According to our friends at Mashable, Apple is working on a WiFi charging system. That is to say, you will literally be able to charge your iPhone by connecting to a specific WiFi. Not a cable in sight.

So, how does Mashable know? Well, Apple has recently acquired a patent to use wireless signals in charging electronic devices. The takeaway is that the geniuses (because if they can pull this off, they really are geniuses) have a plan to make a WiFi charger.

The preliminary design shows that routers will be fitted with special circuitry systems and antennae. These special little extras would mean that the router outputs much more power than it does now. In turn, the futuristic iPhones would be able to quickly convert this power into extra battery life for your phone.

Apple’s complicated and techy WiFi charging patent

The deal with the extra antennae is that it would do something called ‘beam steering’. While that may sound OTT techy, it simply means that it would help connect the signals to specific devices, e.g. an iPhone.

Essnetially, with this new tech, you’d be able to walk into a WiFi hotspot with your phone sat in your pocket, and it’d automatically sync up and start charging. It sounds like a dream come true. You’d no longer need any cables or even a charging pad. Oh no, those would be mere relics of a forgotten time!

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If you’re thinking that this all sounds a tad familiar, there may well be a reason for that. The University of Washington ran tests on WiFi charging back in 2015, and were rather successful. So it seems the technology is good to go!

When will we see an Apple WiFi charging system? Well, sadly, it’s not likely to be anytime soon. The upcoming iPhone 8 will probably feature wireless charging functionality, but the type that requires a charging plate. For now, it’s a case of waiting for Apple to pull this one out of the techy bag. Watch this space!

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