Apple will stagger future iPhone announcements throughout the year

The launch of the iPhone 5S marked a sea-change for the Cupertino-based tech giant’s release scheduling with the iPhone 5C following on its coat-tails, heralding the first time that Apple has launched multiple iPhones variants at different price points. And that could just be the start…

According to Apple Insider, an industry analyst reckons that Apple will continue in this vein for subsequent mobile device releases from next year onwards. Kate Huberty of Morgan Stanley spoke with Apple honcho Tim Cook earlier this week and gleaned that the company will stagger the launch of future iPhones over the course of a year.

apple stagger

Details of what was said in the meeting are yet to be revealed but the potential shift to a more piecemeal approach to product launches by the company was hinted at in her latest note to investors.

Whether this comes to fruition remains to be seen but a stretched out iPhone launch certainly makes sense. Think about it –  the company now has more iPhones to hawk and unveiling them all in one announcement leaves it open to competitors such as Samsung stealing its thunder and taking advantage once the hype has died down to launch its own flagship products.

Samsung will no doubt be monitoring the situation with interest as whilst it certainly has more devices to unleash thanks to its ever-growing Galaxy range, i-fever generally beats out its Unpacked events in terms of press and consumer interest.

If this all turns out to be bunkum and Apple sticks to its ‘traditional’ release schedule however, we wouldn’t like to bet on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C warding off competitors until September next year. Like Samsung, we’ll watch this one with interest.


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