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Boozy Brits lose 138,000 gadgets in pubs and bars

Brits lose 138,000 gadgets in pubs

Over 100,000 mobiles and laptops fall victim to our drunken negligence.

Pub-dwelling Brits leave behind an estimated 138,000 smartphones and laptops a year, according to security firm Eset’s recent poll.

The mobile security expert sampled 600 pubs and bars across the country, and found that, on average, 12 devices are abandoned per establishment.

This average, extrapolated over the total number of UK watering holes, results in an alarming approximation of 138,000.

Eset security specialist, Mark James, warns that this figure could grow in the build up to Christmas.

“As we head into the festive season, offices will be preparing for Christmas parties, which will inevitably involve alcohol consumption and people dropping their guard more than usual.”

James also revealed that 64% of lost devices aren’t safeguarded with security controls, leaving them open to unauthorised prying and potential data breach.

Further results from Eset’s pub poll reveal 60% of staff, who’ve found a lost mobile phone or laptop, admitted to browsing through the content.

These findings go to highlight the importance of taking out precautions for your mobile phone, especially if you’ve been known to enjoy a few pints down at your local.

Other than the obvious, like applying passwords or codes, you should look at insuring your devices to guarantee you’re compensated for theft and loss.

Providers, such as Insure My Pocket, offer cover not just for your smartphone, but also for your tablet, laptop and other tech goodies.

You can choose from different levels of cover and tariffs to help meet your budget and requirements, and even pay on a monthly basis to help spread the cost.

Crucially, you won’t be out of pocket if (or when…) you next tumble out of the pub, leaving your poor, neglected smartphone behind.

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