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Breaking: iPhone 8 launch date rumoured to be super soon

Is iPhone 8 nearly here?

Save the date, Apple fans

If you can’t get enough of all things Apple, we have some rather exciting rumoured news for you. French site, Mac4Ever, recently published a report claiming that it had confirmed the fact Apple would be holding a special press event on 12th September. That’s the second Tuesday of next month. Grab a pen and note it in your diary right now.

Of course, the reason that the date is so very exciting is simple — it will likely be the time that Apple unveil its next flagship phone. The ‘iPhone 8’ (if they even call it that) is one of the most widely awaited devices of the year, not least because people are expecting big things from the phone.

Plus, this date would actually make a whole load of sense. It was one of the two dates that Apple fans had been expecting; the other being the 5th September. In case you didn’t know, Apple always holds its press events on a Tuesday. What’s more, the events have been scheduled during September since way back in 2012.

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So, what can we expect?

While nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, rumour has it that Apple will be releasing not one, but three new phones; one of which will be the latest iPhone. The other two may be called something entirely different. It all remains to be seen.

As far as the main phone goes, there have been rumours that it will be the first to get rid of the home button and include some fancy features such as 3D facial recognition and even wireless charging too. Needless to say, though, the geniuses at Apple have kept pretty darn tight-lipped about what they’re planning.

What’s more, while we already know a lot about iOS 11, we will likely be treated to the final details and an official launch date for the update too. That means that if you’re not planning to upgrade your iPhone in the near future, you can at least get a slice of the Apple pie in the form of a new operating system. Nice!

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Watch this space

Press invites, which will confirm the date of the press conference, have yet to be sent out, but they are expected in the next couple of weeks. If history has anything to teach us here, the new devices should go on sale just a couple of weeks after the launch event itself. So, there’s a whole load to look forward to in September, guys!

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