Broadband customers can now get compensation for bad service

This is great news for consumers!

When your internet goes down, it can be a modern-day nightmare. No more Netflix. No more Facebook. No more Spotify. You’re essentially transported back to the technological dark ages. Waiting your service provider to come and solve the problem is tough.

But what if you’re waiting for too long or, worse, if the problem doesn’t get solved properly? It could happen. There are around 7.2 million cases of poor service for broadband and landline customers every year, according to Ofcom. That’s why the watchdog has launched an optional scheme to properly compensate customers.

Providers can decide for themselves whether or not they will take part. TalkTalk, Sky, Zen Internet and BT have already committed to the agreement and launched it this week. The providers all use the Openreach network to offer their services. For that reason, Openreach will compensate customers who experience poor service.

Other leading network providers, including EE, Vodafone and Plusnet and Hyperoptic, are also ready to follow suit. The companies have also committed to the plans and their compensation schemes will be rolled out over the next year or so. Watch this space.

What Compensation Will Customers Get?

Now, let’s take a look at the finer details. When providers start using the scheme, what kind of compensation can customers expect. As you might imagine, there are different levels of compensation for different problems. Here’s a quick rundown of what the scheme says that providers will have to give to customers.

  • Late engineer arrivals

If an engineer doesn’t arrive on time for a scheduled appointment or cancels within 24 hours of the arrival time, customers are automatically entitled to £25 compensation.

  • Unfixed broadband services

There’s nothing worse than your internet failing! If a customer’s broadband stops working and the engineers can’t fixed within two working days, they will be entitled to £8 per day.

  • Services not starting on time

Should customers sign up to a new service, they will now be compensated if it takes too long to start. Under the new terms, customers will get £5 per day while this goes on.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that the compensation is automatic. That means that customers should not need to ask for a refund or contact their provider at all. Instead, the money will be automatically refunded to them through their broadband or landlord provider.

More about EE Broadband

There’s good news if you happen to be an EE customer. The company has committed to paying out automatic compensation as of 2020. Yes! If you’re not currently with the provider, it could be worth looking at some of the excellent home broadband deals on offer through

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