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Could Samsung Galaxy S10 come with a huge 48MP camera?

Another technology tease from Samsung!

Another Monday, another batch of exciting smartphone-related news. Today, we have a real treat in store for you.

In the long lead-up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, there’s a whole load of speculation about what the phone may be and, indeed, what it will feature. Yes, the rumour-mill is certainly churning. So, to add to the constant whispers, the people at Samsung have just dropped a little bomb of its own.

Two New ISOCELL Plus Image Sensors

The Samsung team has unveiled not one but two new high-resolution ISOCELL Plus image sensors – a Bright GM1, sporting a remarkable 48MP resolution, and a Bright GD1 with 32MP resolution. Each of the sensors has 0.8 micrometre pixels, which means that developers should be able to fit more pixels into the camera modules. Neat.

“Demand for ultra-small, high-resolution image sensors are growing as smartphones evolve to deliver new and more exciting camera experiences for users,” stated Ben K. Hur, Vice President of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics on the company’s blog.

“With the introduction of our cutting-edge 0.8μm-pixel Samsung Isocell Bright GM1 and GD1 image sensors, we are committed to continue driving innovation in image sensor technologies.”

What’s more, Samsung will also launch a real-time high dynamic range (HDR) feature that will work alongside the Bright GD1. They claim that this will give pictures a more balanced exposure along with a richer colour and detail rendition. All in all, it sounds as though the people behind the brand are ready to seriously up its game.

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What Does That Mean for the Galaxy S10?

When these sensors hit the market, they should mean that there’s a higher standard of smartphone camera module in town. That can only be good news for fans of Samsung.

Here’s some camera thoughts from TechTalkTV with lots of Galaxy S10 rumours.

The production of these all-singing, all-dancing sensors should start towards the end of this year. With the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch expected at some point in the new year, that could well mean that it gets fitted with these huge new camera modules. Exciting.

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