EE has been named best UK mobile network for a 5th straight year

An independent test reveals all!

Industry testers, RootMetrics, just released their latest results on the best UK mobile networks and…. *drum roll*… EE has taken the top spot once again.

However, it doesn’t end there.

The second spot was close with Vodafone coming up behind the network. Here’s what you need to know about the report and what it means.

What is the RootMetrics Test?

Never heard of the RootMetrics test? We’ve got you covered here.

The independent body is set out to give the public insights into mobile phone usage and help networks provide people with the highest level of coverage.

The company regularly runs tests to determine which network providers are offering the fastest and most reliable service.

This time around the RootMetrics team ran nearly 600,000 tests in the first half of 2019 and looked at six different categories including speed, data reliability and more.

The report also looked at how the leading mobile network providers performed in the four UK nations and the 16 most populated metropolitan areas in the country. Interesting stuff.

Highlights From the 2019 Test Results


The latest results from RootMetrics showed that EE is the current leader in all areas. The BT-owned network out-performed all other network providers in each of the six categories.

That means that the company had the highest data speeds, best connectivity, and most reliable service out of the competition. Nice stuff!


However, taking a ‘strong second’ place was Vodafone. The report suggests that there have been improvements when it comes to speed and reliability for this network.

The officials from RootMetrics also noted that the provider had recently invested in its UK services and that this move had paid off when it came to the results.

Things were pretty close between the two network providers during national tests. Vodafone scored high in specific areas of the UK too, taking the top median speed spot in Liverpool and the best network in Wales.

Of course, the current leader, EE, took the lead when it came to the strongest network in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.


Aptly taking the third spot in every testing category was mobile provider, Three. It’s important to note that these results don’t reflect any decreases in service from the provider.

Instead, they are likely thanks to recent tech advancements from other networks.


Last but by no means least, O2 took either the fourth – or joint third – spots in the testing categories.

These results are likely due to the leaps forward that the market leaders have taken in recent months. Despite this, the network provider managed to smoothly pass 20 Mbps for ‘average median speed’ in many popular UK locations.

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