EE is launching the UK’s first 5G mobile from this manufacturer

The future’s fast… The future’s 5G!

In case you haven’t heard (and you most definitely have by now), the future of mobile phone internet is 5G.

Next year, the network provider EE will be offering this super speedy fifth generation internet across the busiest locations in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester among other places.

Exciting stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree! But what snazzy new mobile will support 5G? This particular provider happens to have that covered, too.

EE announces the cities that will get 5G next year

EE and OnePlus will be partnering for the launch of the UK’s first 5G device. Yes, brace yourself for the OnePlus 5G smartphone range.

The tech duo announced their partnership at the Qualcomm summit event in Hawaii recently, and the team say that they want to offer the ‘best possible 5G connected experience for customers.’ Yes, please!

Pete Lau, CEO and founder of OnePlus, said at the event, “The pursuit of speed has defined the OnePlus DNA since OnePlus was founded five years ago. There’s no one more suitable than OnePlus to make a 5G smartphone.

“Our users are always eager to try new things and they are now ready to experience the next generation of connectivity and speed. In response, OnePlus has poured efforts into 5G research since 2016. Today, we stand poised to embrace the dawn of 5G.”

The two tech companies pairing up should come as no surprise. Right now, both EE and OnePlus are ahead of the game when it comes to offering new services and features for customers. This latest move only cements the businesses as two of the most forward-thinking and progressive in the realms of smartphone innovation.

OnePlus is a brand particularly popular among gamers

Marc Allera, CEO of BT Consumer division, stated in an EE press release, “EE and OnePlus have a shared vision: to give our customers the best connected experience possible. We’re working together on cutting edge technology to deliver that, and we’re leading the world on the journey to 5G.

“Adding 5G to the UK’s number one 4G network will increase reliability, increase speeds, and keep our customers connected where they need it most. We have an ambition to connect our customers to 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi 100% of the time.”

When the 5G sites launch, customers will be able to enjoy a faster and slicker level of mobile internet than ever before. That means no more waiting that extra few seconds for a song to load or having to pause while your message sends.

The initial 5G locations have been selected because they are the places where 25% of all data across the network is used. The general idea is that the upgrade should make the biggest amount of difference to the most amount of people. Nice philosophy, right? Roll on 2019.

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