EE sweeps all five awards in Opensignal mobile network report

It’s a clean sweep for the UK’s biggest 4G network!

Award season is upon us in the mobile phone world, which means that it’s time to raise our glasses to this year’s winners. The results of the Opensignal report are out and there’s one clear winner across the board this time around.

The Mobile Network Experience Report looks at five different categories – 4G Availability, Video Experience, Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, and Latency Experience.

As you might imagine, it’s always a close one between the four major networks: EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. The latest report came out just this month and EE took the highest prize in every single category. You might call that a clean sweep. Here’s a breakdown of the results:

4G Availability

These days, you need 4G to do just about everything when you’re out and about. Whether it’s calling a quick Uber or checking Maps to see where you are, your network signal is essential. After measuring the experiences from network to network, the Opensignal report found that EE has a whopping 89% availability across the board, making it the winner.

Credit: Opensignal

Video Experience

It was a close call between EE and Vodafone but the former pipped the later to the post, by scoring a massive 68.5% here. Both O2 and Three were also within five points of EE on this one, making it a very close race between the providers.

Credit: Opensignal

Download Speed Experience

When you’re downloading stuff via your mobile network, what you really need is a super-speedy experience. Nobody has time to wait around for slow downloads to enjoy great content. In this category, EE took the top prize yet again with a score of 29.6%. However, many of the other network providers have increased their scores dramatically too.

Upload Speed Experience

Now that we’ve covered download speed, it’s time to talk about upload speed. With a 2 Mbps lead on its rivals this time around, EE once again hit the top spot. The Opensignal report checked out both 4G and 3G upload speeds for this particular section.

Credit: Opensignal

Latency Experience

Put simply, the latency experience measures the time between tapping something on your phone and it responding. For example, sometimes, you may experience a short lag between your action and your device’s reaction. We’ve all been there. In this category, EE was the outright winner once again. Nice stuff.

About Opensignal

Opensignal is a company of independent analysts who review mobile networks. The company records three billion individual measurements each day from 100 million smartphones globally. Analysts then look at each of the stats to get an overall understanding of the experience each network provider offers.

Opensignal periodically releases reports about the networks, giving us an idea of what to expect. Who will take the top spots when the next report comes out? Only time will tell…

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Source: Opensignal

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