EU roaming charges to be dramatically reduced

Come on everybooooody, text on the beach.

New EU regulations that drastically reduce roaming charges in member countries, are coming into effect from 30th April 2016.

The news means anyone heading to Europe from Saturday won’t have to worry so much about making calls, sending texts, or logging on, with phone bills set to be comparatively diminished.

The EU has laid out its updated and far more agreeable price guide at 3p per minute, 1p per text and 3p per MB of data.

For comparison, Three’s current UK customer rate sits as 16.6p per minute, 5.2p per text and 17.4p per MB.

It’s worth noting that the EU’s new prices don’t include VAT, so the actual cost of using your mobile abroad will be charged at a slightly higher figure.

The End of Roaming

Things are evidently moving in the right direction, and from 15th June 2017, all EU roaming charges will be scrapped going forward, bringing in a golden age for UK vacationers.

To an extent, Three UK already offers such a perk, with its Feel At Home service that allows customers to use their mobile in 19 global destinations, at no extra cost, including Spain and France.

Just for your information, the UK leaving the EU won’t affect the plan to abolish roaming charges. Come summer 2017, travelling Brits will still reap all the benefits.

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