Facebook tests ‘snooze’ button for people you don’t like

Say goodbye to Sandra’s annoying baby photos!

We all have those Facebook friends — the ones who can’t help but share every baby photo, night-out selfie and cat video going. You know who I’m talking about. Those friends who it would be too awkward to delete, but you wish you could take a break from nevertheless.

Of course, you can already unfollow (rather than unfriend) people, which hides a person’s posts from your Facebook Timeline. The problem is, it’s semi-permanent, in that you have to actively refollow the offender to see content from them again.

What you need is a happy medium. Something that lets you take a break, without shutting the door so to speak. A bit of absence, after all, makes the heart grow fonder.

Well, Facebook appears to be testing such a feature with a small number of people, according to TechCrunch. To use it, you’ll have to click the menu icon at the top right your friend’s post. A dropdown will appear, with an option to Unfollow or Snooze.

But wait, what does this Facebook snooze feature actually do? Well, apparently you’ll have the option of snoozing a profile for 24 hours, one week, or 30 days. You’d stop seeing their posts for the duration of the period, and, after that, they’d be back to spamming your News Feed. Seamless.

This is all part of the Facebook’s master plan to let users tailor what they see (and, of course, keep people on the site/app). “We’re testing new ways to give people control over their News Feeds so they can stay connected with the stories they find most relevant,” a Facebook spokesperson recently told TechCrunch.

If the potential of this new feature has you bubbling with excitement, you’re not alone. People have been taking to Twitter to let the world know just how thrilled they are to snooze their most annoying pals on Facebook. Ah, it’s just so liberating!

While Facebook’s snooze feature is still in its testing phase, there’s no word yet about if/when the feature will be available to the rest of us mere mortals. Fingers crossed it comes out soon, so we can all start snoozing one another and ignoring those pesky posts. Mwahahaha… Ultimate control!

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