Galaxy Note 3 is ‘Fonblet’ not ‘Phablet’ says Samsung

Just as the word ‘phablet’ finally begins to lose its faintly ridiculous sheen and pass into everyday vernacular Samsung’s JK Shin goes and shakes things up again by insisting that his firm’s Galaxy Note 3 device is not a ‘phablet’ but is in fact a ‘fonblet’.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Samsung Mobile chief referred to the Galaxy Note 3 as a fonblet several times in a presentation to investors this week. There was even a slide to back this up, urging folks to use the term when talking about the manufacturer’s out-sized phones.


Shin apparently said that the awful portmanteau refers to devices featuring  “optimised multitasking platforms on large displays”, although he probably didn’t use the phrase ‘awful portmanteau’ and the cynical amongst you would be forgiven for thinking that the utterance of the word could be Samsung’s attempt at claiming the concept of huge multi-functional phones as its own creation.

This isn’t the first time the word has been used however – back at the start of the year stories surfaced suggesting that Samsung was working on a device tentatively called the Galaxy Fonblet 5.8. The phone never materialised and attentions switched to the stylus-laden Galaxy Note 3 but could this latest incidence of ‘fonblet’ dropping indicate that another massive Samsung handset is in the offing? Who knows, but it wouldn’t surprise us if one cropped up along with an application from Samsung to register ‘fonblet’ as a trademark.

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