Get ready for 5G data speeds, as EE announces first UK trial

From 1, all the way to 5, it’s now super-fast 5G making the headlines.

Ready for the next level in mobile internet? The powers behind EE are. According to a post on the mobile provider’s own news site, the company will be switching on the UK’s first live 5G trial in October of this year.

The trial will be available across East London in the informally dubbed ‘Silicon Roundabout’ area. The post claims that a whopping 10 sites, including City Road, Old Street, Hoxton Square, St Paul’s and Chiswell Street, will be upgraded to include 5G technology.

Antennas on Cheapside House, one of EE’s 5G locations.

That means that the people who work and live there, will have access to the next generation of mobile network. As though that weren’t enough, five homes and five small businesses will have the chance to get online using prototype 5G broadband devices.

EE home broadband.

The trial will show off what 5G can do and, with a little luck, how well it can work even in the most urban and crowded of spaces.

Touting a huge one gigabit per second, this latest upgrade could change the way that we consume our tech. The speed and connectivity of this next generation should mean truly groundbreaking things as far as AR and VR features, which need a strong connection to work well.

Family WiFi on multiple devices.

To give this some perspective, using a 4G connection, it’ll take you over 7 minutes to download a full HD film, whilst with a 5G connection, it will just take a matter of seconds! Between 4-40 according to Which, frankly, is insane! Where do we sign up?!

Those hoping to take part in the exciting trial had better get on their social media ASAP. Over the course of the next few weeks, EE says, that it will be using its social media channels to reach out and find the right trialists for October. Follow them online to make sure you’re in with a chance. Good luck!

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