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Get the most out of Glastonbury 2014 with EE

Glastonbury 2014 EE

By now, many of you will be just about ready to immerse yourself in an alcohol-fuelled, mire-infested, blood-pumping few days, watching your favourite bands with your very best friends… We are, of course, talking about Glastonbury 2014.

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No doubt, you’ve already purchased a prerequisite supply of fluids, fodder and spare undies; but for a festival that attracts almost 200,000 people, and stretches over a gargantuan 1,200 acres, there isn’t such a thing as too much preparation.

Fortunately for contemporary festival-goers, things have changed pretty drastically since Glastonbury first opened its gates to bands and music-lovers alike 44 years ago.

The modern festival is becoming ever increasingly more technology friendly, which is superb for those who can’t part with their smartphone, even if it’s just for a few days. So if that sounds like you, and you’re heading to Glastonbury this week, don’t sweat it.

Glastonbury 2014, one of the UK’s biggest and popular music festivals, is being powered by the UK’s most advanced 4G network…

Just like last year, you’ll struggle to miss EE’s presence at Glastonbury, as it looks to ensure you get the most out of the festival experience, by keeping your smartphone fully charged and connected to your friends and what’s occurring.

Glastonbury, EE and The Guardian have teamed up to update and optimise the official Glastonbury Festival 2014 app. Make sure you download it for your iOS or Android device, so you can keep on top of everything Glastonbury 2014 has in store for you.

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The app offers a line-up list and line-up planner, so you know exactly who’s playing, which stage they’re on and at what time you need to be there. However, you can’t miss Dolly Parton, she’s apparently working 9 to 5. What a grafter.

Thanks to the Glastonbury Festival 2014 app, it’s unlikely that you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in geography to navigate Glastonbury’s expansive site this year, since it features an interactive map that points out all of the need-to-know areas.

For the first time, social media platforms have been integrated into the app, so you can rub your fun in the green-eyed faces of all your Facebook and Twitter friends.

In addition, all of the latest news from the festival will be available through the app, so you can keep abreast of what’s going on at all times.

I suppose, as valuable as the Glastonbury Festival 2014 app is, too much usage is going to take its toll on your battery life…

But thanks to EE, everybody’s favourite Recharge Tent is back again for Glastonbury 2014, with one main tent situated on site. So by day two, when energy levels are looking bleak for you and your smartphone, locate the tent (with the app), and let everything recharge.

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Of course, if you’ve bought one of EE’s Festival Power Bars, then you don’t have to go anywhere to power your iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S5.

However, this portable recharging battery will eventually also run low, in which case you will need to do is visit the Power Bar Exchange cabin to swap it for a fully charged one.

The EE Recharging zone can be located on the Glastonbury Festival 2014 app, which, by now, you’ve obviously downloaded.

If, at some stage during Glastonbury 2014, you stumble across a rather sizeable farm animal, coloured in a strangely familiar combination of teal and yellow, the odds are you’ve just found one of EE’s WiFi cows. You’re almost certainly not hallucinating.

The so-called Highspeed Herd have been situated around Glastonbury 2014 to provide a blazing-fast 4G network, so you can keep your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages up-to-date.

Glastonbury 2014 - WiFi cows - IndependantImage courtesy of

So don’t worry about draining your smartphones or carrying around clumsy site maps, it’s evident that EE, the UK’s biggest 4G provider, has got your back this week at Glastonbury 2014. 

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