Google teases something big for Pixel in new video

‘Something big is coming’

It’s time to start getting a teeny bit excited! If you’re a fan of all things Google, you’re going to want to put 7th May in your diary right now. Yes, that’s a big day for tech lovers as it’s tipped to be when the mega brand will be releasing its next line of Pixel smartphones. The devices – likely the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL – are a mystery at the moment, but we have seen a teaser or two.

The latest comes in the form of a short and sweet video advert from none other than Google themselves. The clip starts with the line ‘help is coming’ and ‘something big is coming to the Pixel universe.’ Next, the advert moves into an action-packed scene promotion the Avengers: Endgame AR stickers among other cool Google features.

However, there’s more to this video than first meets the eye and it could be that the brand is teasing something much bigger for the coming month. It’s worth keeping in mind that 7th May is the first day of the I/O developer conference 2019. That means that it would be the perfect time for Google to go ahead and release new smartphones to the market. You might say that it’s the ideal stage to show off its latest devices.

So, what can we expect from the upcoming Google releases? Well, most people are under the impression that the phones will be the Google Pixel 3a and the 3a XL. The two mid-range smartphones are highly awaited and yet we don’t know all that much about them right now. Despite this fact, there have been a load of rumours surrounding the phones and what each of them may have in store for us when they drop.

Some of the highlights from the rumour-mill include the idea that both phones will have a Snapdragon chipset, a 12MP rear camera, and excellent displays. The most popular idea is that the 3a will be packing a 5.6-inch screen, while the 3a XL will have a 6-inch offering. Of course, none of these rumours have been confirmed by the powers at Google.

Plus, there’s no word on what type of nifty features we can expect, however, which means that we will simply have to wait and see. It would come as no surprise if Google was to add to their AR capabilities and AI features too. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out what the company has up its sleeve. Watch this space.

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