Here are the biggest tech stories of 2017

From the explosion of bitcoin, to the launch of iPhone X. And many more.

The end of 2017 is nigh, but what have we learned this year? Let’s look back at some of the biggest tech stories to find out.


Netflix: The start of 2017 was a good time for the people over at Netflix. The streaming company saw its profits rise by more than 50%. It also went ahead and announced that it would be spending millions on new original content in the coming year.

Russia: US intelligence said that Russian hackers got hold of Hillary Clinton’s email account. The theory was that the state was attempting to interfere with the presidential election.


Facebook: What’s the future of Facebook? Well, AI, probably. Back in February, Mark Zuckerberg released an essay saying that the company would be focussing on the tech in coming years.

Uber: Susan Fowler, a former engineer at Uber, called the company out on sexism. She wrote a blog post describing her point in full detail.


Nintendo: The much-awaited Switch was released. By September, the games company had sold more than 7 million units. It exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Snapchat: The company finally went public. The overall value of the social media firm was placed at $19.7 billion. Cha-ching!


NASA: The space agency made some striking discoveries back in April. Experts found that the Saturnian moon Enceladus had the right ingredients for life…

Russia: Facebook said that Russia hijacked its platform to attempt to influence the 2016 election. In response to this, the social media site closed thousands of fake Russian accounts.


EU: The EU fined both Facebook and Google in May. Google was fined based on its search engine results, and Facebook was fined for its WhatsApp takeover.

NHS: The NHS was in trouble after the WannaCry ransomware attack. Since the news story broke, North Korea has been blamed for it.


Uber: Travis Kalanick, Uber’s founder, resigned from the company after months of scandals leading up to the move.

Nuclear fusion: Scientists made real progress in the realms of nuclear fusion. The move may mean that we can create fusion energy on earth.


AI: DeepMind announced that they would be working on a form of AI that can ‘imagine’. The new tech would be a real leap forward in the world of artificial intelligence.

Bikes: oBike, a Singapore based startup, said that they would be offering their services throughout London. The new bikes-for-hire scheme uses tracking technology instead of physical docks for the vehicles.


Robots: Ethical hackers took over cute robots to turn them into stabbers. The hackers were able to take over the Nao, Pepper, and Alpha robots and control their actions.

Google: Controversy sparked when a Google engineer sent a memo around the company explaining why there were fewer females there. The reason, he said, was that women have an inferior brain. Ouch.


iOS 11: The much-awaited iOS 11 came out in September. The update was packed full of new features and included a wealth of AR support.

Uber: Uber’s licence to operate in London was revoked. The reason given at the time was a lack of corporate responsibility on the part of the ride sharing app.


Yahoo: The company admitted that there had been a major data breach. They said that three billion accounts had been successfully accessed by hackers.

Twitter: After the horrendous Las Vegas shooting, trolls used Twitter to spread fake news about the event. It was the latest in a series of events in which trolls have used online platforms to spread lies.


Apple: iPhone X finally came out. It has been rated as the best iPhone of all time, and marks a radical change for not only Apple’s smartphones, but the industry too.

Russia: Evidence came out to suggest that Russian hackers used Twitter to influence the results of Brexit. The theory is that they used racist language to alter public opinion.


Net neutrality: Surprisingly, the Federal Communications Commission voted to end net neutrality. This came after much support from the public for keeping it.

Bitcoin: The cryptocurrency rose 17-fold toward the end of the year. The surge in the value of bitcoin hit $20,000 during December.

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