Here’s how Samsung is making money from iPhone X

Samsung could make more profit from iPhone X, than its own smartphones.

As two of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world, it’s fair to say that there’s a healthy dose of rivalry between Samsung and Apple.

After all, the two tech giants make some of the most impressive smartphones on the planet. It’s only natural that the designers and developers behind each want to outdo one another, at pretty much every turn.

With that in mind, you may think that those over at Camp Samsung would be praying for the upcoming iPhone X to be a major flop…

In a surprising twist, though, it seems that is simply not the case. In fact, the good people at Samsung have every reason to want Apple’s revolutionary new iPhone to succeed. Why? Well, because it’s going to make the company a whole load of money, of course!

While your mind may be boggling right now, the reason for this turn of events is quite simple. You see, iPhone X is fitted with a Samsung-manufactured OLED display.

Realistically, that means that for every iPhone X Apple sells, Samsung will profit by just over £80. What’s more, the Wall Street Journal reports, that if the latest Apple device is a huge hit, Samsung could make more money from it than its very own flagship phone — the Galaxy S8.

So, what does all this mean? Essentially, it’s a win-win situation for Samsung. Either its biggest rival doesn’t live up to expectations. Or Apple’s iPhone X sells by the bucket, and Samsung makes a tidy profit. This must be a rather nice situation for Samsung to have found itself in.

As the saying goes, though, all good things must come to an end, and some reports suggest that Apple may be looking into sourcing OLED displays from other manufacturers. However, since there aren’t many suppliers in the world that can offer such high-tech displays in the quantities Apple needs, Samsung may have the upper hand.

In less than a month, iPhone X is due to launch. Should it be the huge success we all expect, it could mean exciting and rather lucrative times for both Apple and Samsung. Watch this space!

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