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How many iPhones does it take to stop a speeding bullet?

Finally, the age-old question ‘how many iPhones does it take to stop a speeding bullet?’ has been answered.

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A YouTuber, who goes by the username EverythingApplePro, has conducted a slightly unsettling field test to determine just how hard-wearing iPhones are.

Wielding an AK-74 (yes, as in the lethal Russian assault rifle), the YouTuber reveals that he’s testing “the true durability” of iPhones, and how many it would take to stop a speeding bullet.

He coolly explains that the weapon in his hands is capable of firing bullets at up to 2,900 feet per second, but even still, he doesn’t expect a bullet to penetrate through more than four of the seven iPhones that he’s stacked on a wooden holder.

Apple fans, look away now.

Positioned helplessly upon the holder (alter?) for sacrifice, are three iPhone 6 Pluses, two iPhone 6s (one of which is a clone) and two older iPhone variants. Sat smugly at the back is a Samsung Galaxy S6.

The question is, are seven iPhones enough to shield a Samsung Galaxy S6 from the destructive path of speeding bullet? Watch to find out.

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