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How to watch Apple’s iPhone Xs and XR event

Updated: You can now catch-up on Apple’s September Event.

In case you’re living in a remote South American village, you probably heard that Apple announced a series of new iPhone models this week. As well as a new Apple Watch.

All of which, you can now catch up on, in full, via the video below. You don’t want to miss it.

Content below from 11 September, prior to the official Apple event.

Spoiler: Tomorrow is a special day. If you’re a fan of all things Apple, you might already know what’s happening.

Yes, the 2018 iPhone keynote event is taking place on 12th September. There are few words to describe how hyped we are to see what the mega-brand has in store. Rumours are rife but only time will tell what’s going to happen. So, let’s take a look at how to watch the iPhone announcement and what you can expect when it streams.

What Time Does the Event Start?

If you just can’t wait to find out about the latest iPhone offerings (who can?), you might want to set a reminder.

The 2018 iPhone keynote starts tomorrow at 10am PDT. Here in the UK, we’re currently on British Summer Time (or GMT+1), which means that the event will be at 6pm. The event is taking place over in the Steve Jobs Theater in California.

What Are the Rumours so Far?

Now that you know when to tune in and watch the iPhone keynote, let’s talk about what we can expect.

Of course, it’s worth noting that it’s always difficult to predict what Apple is going to do next. Despite this, in the lead-up to every iPhone event, there are always loads of rumours and whispers flying around. French Radio Station, Europe 1, has reported some of the most popular ideas about the 2018 Apple event.

The media company says that Apple will be revealing three new iPhone models during the 2018 keynote event and that each of them will have a similar design to the iPhone X. The rumour suggests that two will have an OLED screen while the third model is supposed to have an LCD screen. The idea is that the latter model will be a budget version.

Europe 1 also reported the theory that there would be some rather large changes to the Apple Watch. Rumour has it that the watch will still come in two sizes – one small and one large – but that the design will be different. An edge-to-edge screen look is by no means out of the question here, and it would be entirely logical at this point.

iPhone rumours

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How to Watch the 2018 iPhone Event

If you’re planning on watching the event on your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, laptop or MacBook, it couldn’t be easier. Apple is livestreaming the entire thing which means that you don’t have to pay a cent to get the down-low. Simply head to the Apple September Event Page right before the keynote speech starts. There you will find a video that you can play automatically, which will give you the latest details about the new releases.

Should you have Apple TV at home, there’s another neat way to watch the keynote event live. You will need an Apple TV device with software 6.2 or a later version. Before it starts, you will need to download the ‘Apple Events’ app on your device. When you’ve got it, you should have the option to stream the event. Neat.

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