Huawei is rivalling Android with its own ‘faster’ operating system

Watch out Google, Android has some competition!

Let’s face it, when it comes to operating systems, it’s a two-horse race. But things are set to change…

Huawei is bringing out a new operating system that might just shake things up. The developers are busy working on a brand-new OS that would run on the company’s own line of phones in the near future if all goes to plan.

The new system currently has two known names – HongMeng OS or Ark OS – and there’s a load of hype surrounding it. Ren Zhengfei, the Huawei CEO, has made some rather big claims. In a recent interview with French magazine Le Point, he said that the system could be faster than both iOS and Android. If that turns out to be the case, it means that the Huawei OS will be a serious contender in the world of software development.

Past Tensions

It’s no coincidence that the people at Huawei are planning to launch their own OS. Tensions have been high between the US and the Chinese brand in recent months but have now relaxed after American President Donald Trump reversed his trading ban on Huawei.

Creating a dedicated OS is the company’s way around any more problems. It means that the brand will no longer need to rely on Android for its app store and related services. However, the path forward isn’t as simple as it may first seem. Building a large enough online store with a variety of apps does not happen overnight.

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Apps Are the Key

If the officials at Huawei really want to rival the likes of Apple and Google, it will likely take time. During the interview with Le Point, Zhengfei admitted that the company may struggle when it comes to apps in general. It’s not merely about creating a Huawei app store as part of the new OS, but the fact that developers will have to adopt it and start using it too.

Previously, both Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS have tried and failed to keep up with the competition. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Huawei will face the same problem but it just goes to show how challenging it is. The fact that Huawei is such a major player in the smartphone world may well mean that they have what it takes!

Watch This Space!

Right now, we don’t know when Huawei’s OS will land or even how it will work. That means that Huawei devices will still receive regular Android updates for the time being, at least. But who knows what the future holds for the brand and its OS? Watch this space.

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