Huawei overtakes Apple to become the second largest mobile manufacturer

The smartphone race to the top is on!

Congratulations is in order for one Chinese mega-brand. Yes, Huawei has finally reached one of its goals to overtake Apple and become the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world.

Remarkably, in the second quarter of 2018, Huawei dispatched a massive 54.2 million smartphones, which put it ahead of iPhone sales.

Since the powers of Huawei decided to take on the smartphone sector, they have seen a year-over-year increase of 40.9%, according to statistics from IDC. During this crucial quarter, though, Samsung – the industry leaders – shipped 71.5 million smartphones, while Apple shipped 41.3 million. That left room for Huawei to slide in between the two brands and swiftly take the second-place position.

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So, how did this epic win take place? Well, the people at Huawei have released a press release in which they say that the major success is down to their high standing in China, where the brand has a 27% market share. The flagship phone, Huawei P20, sold a huge seven million units around the globe. What’s more, lesser-known devices are popular around the whole of Asia and Europe as well.

Of course, the stats also take into consideration phones that have been released under the ‘Honor’ name, like Honor 10, which is a brand owned by Huawei. That in itself could have been the factor that has propelled the sales of the company’s devices to new heights.

While this latest success is impressive, there’s a chance that it won’t last forever. Apple will be releasing a brand-new line of iPhone around September, which could shake things up a little. Rumour has it that the new line-up will include a more affordable version of the iPhone X, which is sure to be popular with Apple fans.

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