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iPhone 6S set for a bigger belly: here’s why

A new rumour is claiming iPhone 6S will be slightly thicker and wider than the current iPhone 6. While this difference in size is said to be so negligible that you won’t even notice it, the difference it has on the potential features will be very noticeable indeed…

Anticipation is reaching fever pitch for the upcoming iPhone 6S, and we’re still weeks away from the official unveiling. And now, we may well know another little titbit of info about Apple’s next superphone.

According to rumours, iPhone 6S might be marginally bigger than the currently available iPhone 6.

Though the conjecture (based on a new research note from KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo) does state it’s not going to be much bigger at all, with the difference in thickness said to be a mere 0.2mm.

In other words, the difference in thickness is so negligible that you won’t even notice it. The same is true of the new width, which is said to be 0.15mm greater than iPhone 6.

However, while you’re unlikely to notice the difference in size, you’ll definitely notice the effect it’s had on what features could be included in the phone.

The 0.2mm difference is accounted for by the rumoured Force Touch screen, which can differentiate between a tap and a more forceful press, and which opens up all sorts of new possibilities for interacting with your phone.

The extra girth may also mean that, this time, the camera lens won’t protrude from the back of the phone.

The same research note states that iPhone 6S will use 7000 Series Aluminium in its construction, and will have a 12MP camera.

All of this must be taken with a pinch of salt until Apple unveils concrete details about iPhone 6S, but the rumours so far are definitely painting the picture of a really special phone. Stay tuned for more news.

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