iPhone owners earn more money according to this study

Nearly 70% of iPhone users have high incomes.

The smartphone world is rife with competition. Market leaders – including Apple, Samsung, and Huawei – are in a fierce battle to take the number one spot.

Each year, these brands bring out fancier, more impressive incarnations of the latest smartphone. Luckily for consumer, that means that technology is skyrocketing forward.

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to know which way to go. When you’re looking to upgrade your phone and get a new one, you might spend your time researching what’s out there and looking for a device with all the latest features. It’s fair to say that, while specs may vary, there’s very little between some of the leading flagships.

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However, according to a new piece of research, the type of phone that you choose may indicate how much you earn. The results show a link between brand loyalty and a person’s specific income bracket. Of course, this is by no means true for all mobile users, but the latest statistics are quite interesting.

A new study from The National Bureau of Economic Research found that the type of phone a person has is a good indicator of their overall earnings. The research found that nearly 70% of people who owned an iPhone fell into the higher earner bracket. What’s more, the study’s authors claim that ‘no individual brand is as predictive of being high income as owning an Apple iPhone.’

What’s more, the research didn’t only look at smartphones. It also found that owning other Apple branded products – such as a Mac, MacBook, or iPad – were also indicators of a high earner. Having one of the above could be a sign that your income is larger than the average one. The reason behind this could be that these products are typically more expensive than the alternatives on the market.

Despite the higher price tag usually attached to Apple products, that trend could be about to change. Rumour has it that the brand will be launching a more affordable version of the latest iPhone this September.

While, of course, there’s no official word from the brand at the moment, many have speculated that the phone may have similar specs to the latest device but come at a cheaper price point. Currently, the iPhone X costs £999 SIM free, and so a more affordable option would be a welcome addition to the current line-up.

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