Is a Samsung 7-inch screen smartphone on its way?

Samsung 7-inch screen smartphone on its way?

Samsung is working on a new phone that further blurs the lines between phone and tablet, as it has a 7-inch screen, putting it firmly in the tablet size-class. In spite of the size, however, this mystery device has specs that appear to be a little underwhelming, and it’s doubtful that it will have the same impact as phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung pioneered a new genre of smartphones when they released the first Galaxy Note, a genre known as the “phablet”. Later, they took the phablet into the realm of 7-inch tablets, and now, it looks like they’re about to try doing the latter once again with a Samsung 7-inch screen device.

According to PocketNow, China’s Telecommunications Equipment Certification Center (also known as TENAA) has been testing a new Samsung phone, or perhaps it might better to describe it as a tablet, since this new device has a 7-inch screen.

That’s going to make it even bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, naturally, but it’s not the first time a manufacturer has tried building phone functionality into a tablet-sized device; Asus tried it with the FonePad, and lest we forget, Samsung themselves have tried it before in the Galaxy Note 8.0.

The downside to such a big phone, of course, is that when you are using it as a phone, it tends to be what might be charitably called noticeable, or to put it another way, you will have a 7-inch tablet held to your head.

In terms of specs, this new device isn’t going to worry the likes of the aforementioned Galaxy Note 3, or smaller flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8. Its 7-inch screen only has a 720p resolution, and the quad-core processor only comes in at 1.2GHz, so it’s doubtful that many people will want this as their main phone.

Nonetheless, if it runs well, its “uniqueness” may see a few people take this new device into their hearts. That didn’t really happen with the Galaxy note 8.0, but who knows, maybe it will be second time lucky? Stay tuned for more news.

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