Is Apple about to slash the price of iPhone X?

Because everybody loves a discount!

Mobile phone technology has come a long way in the last 10 years, particularly when you look at the devices occupying the top spots. So it’s no surprise that they command a healthy price to match.

Case in point, Apple’s all-singing, all-dancing iPhone X is the priciest iPhone to date. But, lucky for Apple fans, things might be about to change. We’ve heard word through the grapevine (a.k.a. the internet) that it may be getting a price cut.

Online publication T3 recently reported that there could be a huge change to the pricing of Apple’s flagship device: iPhone X. According to a source from TF International Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, the team behind the mega-brand is planning to slash the price of the phone so that it’s more affordable for just about everybody.

Back when the iPhone X launched in November last year, Apple listed the 64GB version with a £999 price tag. However, if the latest rumours are to be believed, Apple will be knocking up to $300 (£225) off. The idea is that when Apple releases a fresh round of iPhone X devices, they’ll more affordable.

So, what do we know about the heavily awaited line of new iPhone X modesl? Well, reports suggest that Apple will release not one, but three new iPhone – a 5.8-inch beauty, a larger 6.5-inch Plus device, and a budget 6.1-inch version. It’s all very exciting – we’re sure that you will agree!

The burning question, of course, is how much will these various iPhone X models cost? Will they be affordable and when can we get them? While we’re not entirely sure when this new line will hit stores (although September is a strong contender!), we have seen some theories about the price.

The source quoted in T3 suggests that the 5.8-inch iPhone X will cost around £600, the Plus version will be about £680, and the ‘budget’ phone will cost around £400. Nice.

There will also reportedly be a new fast-charger included in the mix, which means that this is even more of a saving! The theory behind this sudden price drop is that the developers over at Apple have made the production process more refined, and they’re now passing that saving right on to the consumers. Watch this space!

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