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Is Apple quietly killing off the home button?

The latest rumours are claiming that Apple is planning to abolish the iconic home button for future iPhones.

iPhone home button

The small circular home button has become a defining feature on Apple’s smartphones, debuting on the very first iPhone that launched in 2007.

iPhone 5s saw the home button evolve from a shortcut to your homescreen, to incorporate fingerprint reading technology, designed to increase security and decrease time spent punching in codes and passwords.

That being said, the home button iPhone users have grown so accustomed to might be on borrowed time, because according to the latest speculation, Apple is developing plans that no longer feature it.

The rumour states that Apple is working on what are called TDDI (Touch & Display Drive Integration) single-chip solutions. These new chip designs will allegedly include built-in fingerprint sensors.

Naturally, once the fingerprint sensor is built into the screen tech, then the home button will no longer be needed, which will allow Apple to scrap it, and push all user interactions through the ultra-thin screen.

Exciting, right? But don’t get ahead of yourself yet, because this tech is still likely to be some way off hitting the shelves. iPhone 6S probably won’t be the debuting handset.

The question is: will we see a buttonless iPhone 7?

Again, even that seem a little unlikely, due to how long this technology will take to perfect, but as they always say, you never know.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, so stay tuned for more news!

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