Is Sony about to discontinue its Compact range of mobile phones?

“People want more surface area,” says Sony VP for marketing

Size matters. Smartphones have got bigger and better in recent years.

The modern-day flagship is judged by a variety of aspects from power to storage, but not least its size.

With that in mind, the fact that Sony still have the smaller Compact model as one of their major flagships devices is quite an interesting move.

Some people out there believe that the company is now gearing up to stop producing the Compact models.

To add to the whispers, during the CES 2019 event last week, officials from Sony made some intriguing remarks about the possibility of upcoming smartphones.

Could the Compact Get the Axe?

“We stuck with Compact for a very long time, because of the ease of use,” Don Mesa, Sony Mobile’s Vice President for Marketing, said in an interview with Digital Trends, in which he discussed the future of the brand. “There’s always room for different sizes, but people want a lot more surface area for their content now.”

Mesa may not have confirmed the idea that Sony is ditching the Compact line of phones completely. However, he spoke about the range in the past tense, and his statement hints that there could be some rather large changes coming soon. On the other hand, you could interpret his comments as nothing more than an explanation as to why the Compact devices haven’t met Sony’s ambitions.

It isn’t clear as to whether the company will be keeping the range or axing it altogether. The Compact phones are slightly more affordable than other flagships, meaning they can always compete. Plus, in the past, they’ve proved popular with users. Then again, their smaller size might not stand-up well in the modern market of devices.

A Shake-up is Coming

Of course, that wasn’t all that Mesa had to say during the event. He made another rather illuminating comment suggesting that we could see big transformations from Sony before we know it. “We’ve been undergoing a lot of change,” he stated in the same interview. “Every component of our business has been touched.”

The comment hints at one of the most intriguing changes of late – Kimio Maki has been appointed the new head of development for Sony Mobile. While you might not know the name, Maki was a major driver in Sony’s success within the camera sector. What the move means for the smartphone branch is still up in the air and we can only speculate. Luckily, patience is a virtue.

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