Jelly Bean 4.3 on the way to HTC One

Android KitKat and the Google Nexus 5 might well be taking all the headlines but those of us with older handsets are still waiting in line for Android 4.3. Thankfully for HTC One owners, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has confirmed that an over-the-air update (OTA) will soon roll out bringing Jelly Bean 4.3 to its former flagship.

The news comes via HTC UK’s official Twitter account which urged users to check for new updates via their devices. It was also confirmed that the OTA update will see the HTC Sense 5.5 UI – that’s the very same that features on the HTC One Max make the jump to the HTC One.

Jelly Bean 4.3

Sense 5.5 will bring a raft of new features to the HTC One including improved HTC Zoe functionality, and a version of BlinkFeed that can actually be disabled. Bonus.

Android 4.3 on the other hand will boost the device’s usability by introducing a refreshed keyboard and camera app, as well as the ability to have multiple user accounts. OpenGL ES 3.0 is also implemented, which without going into the techy details, boosts graphical capabilities.

Timescales for the OTA update roll-out were not forthcoming from Peter Chou and co’s firm and given that networks have to carry out their own testing ahead of foisting it on their subscribers, your guess is as good as ours as to when it’ll land on your device. It won’t stop us checking for updates on an hourly basis though.

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