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Meet Nexus 6 – Google’s first phablet

The Nexus 6

On 14 Wednesday, Google finally settled the speculation after it introduced the stately Nexus 6 – its biggest and bravest smartphone to date.

The Nexus 6

Google’s Nexus 6 has certainly been a long time coming. Its arrival is particularly indulging, after some reports began to claim that Google intended to pull the plug on the Nexus series altogether. That, evidently, is not the case.

You’ll no doubt have noticed that the design is reminiscent of the Motorola Moto X, which can be explained by the fact that Motorola was attributed the task of assembling the sixth generation Nexus. And what a sublime job it has done.

The pixel-perfect Nexus 6 has been gifted a gargantuan 6-inch Quad-HD display, an astounding resolution of 1440 x 2560 and a pixel per inch density of 493.

As such, the Nexus 6 has been propelled into the upper echelons of smartphones, to join the likes of the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which both boast equally as remarkable screens.

What else? The Nexus 6 houses a chipset to match its top drawer display, boasting a Snapdragon 805 processor with four cores, each of which clock in at 2.7GHz.

An overly generous 3GB RAM will be working in tandem with the Nexus 6’s impressive processing power, to ensure it runs as seamlessly as you’d expect it to.

This larger than life phablet will be available in two different size variants, namely 32GB and 64GB. Sadly, neither Google nor Motorola have given any indication as to whether it’ll feature a microSD card slot or not. We suspect that it won’t.

On top of that, the Nexus 6 features a 13-megapixel camera that has been discernibly enhanced with optical image stabilisation, HDR+ and a dual-LED flash.

It would appear that Google and Motorola seem bent on tackling the ubiquitous issues surrounding battery life. As Nexus 6 is set to pack a burley 3,220mAh battery, which, they claim, provides up to 24 hours of usage.

If that wasn’t enough, the Motorola Turbo Charger will certainly satisfy. Sure, it sounds a little like a Star Trek prop, but with the capacity to refuel Nexus 6 with 6 hours battery life, in just 15 minutes, we think it’ll go down well with users.

Similarly to other flagships like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z3, the Nexus 6 boasts a water-resistant chassis, although there’s no guesing what IP certification it holds just yet.

The Nexus 6 will ship already running on Android 5.0 Lollipop – the next iteration of Android OS – and will be the first smartphone to debut it. Lollipop has adopted a more colourful and animated appearance, and includes a number of new features, which you can read all about here.

The Nexus 6 will be available to buy next month, in midnight blue and white.

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