Meet the man who changed his name to iPhone 7

Call yourself an Apple fanboy? This guy disagrees.

iPhone 7 was one of the most hotly-awaited products of 2016, and for good reason. It’s bang-tidy smartphone capable of all sorts of magical things, from is sleek, waterproof design, to its new surround speakers, along with a load of other extras we’ve previously talked about.

As such, upon iPhone 7’s grand unveiling, people we’re practically crawling over one another to get their hands on one. The usual tales followed; people camping out all night long, queuing up for hours on end to be the first in store, high-fiving the Apple Geniuses (customer service staff, to you and I) as they finally got their prize. You know the ones.


While there’s no doubt that each time Apple releases a new product, approximately half the population descends into anarchy, some people go just a little further than others…

The question is: How far would you go to get Apple’s latest creation in your back pocket? Would you queue up all night? Stand for hours in the cold? Or… wait for it… legally change your name to iPhone 7?

That last question might have just thrown you a little, but it’s actually precisely what a Ukrainian man resorted to. The 20-year-old in question, formerly known as Olexander Turin, was so set on getting the latest iPhone that he went to seriously extreme lengths to get it.


When one store offered out five free iPhone 7 units to the first five customers to change their name, presumably as some sort of joke, Olexander jumped at the chance.

Rather than forking out hundreds for the device, he legally changes his name to iPhone Sim, at a cost of roughly £1.50 (in case your Ukrainian is a little rusty, ‘sim’ directly translates as ‘seven’). Seems like a real bargain, right? Of course, the young man won his iPhone 7 and has since made international news.

Before you consider following in his footsteps, remember this one fundamental truth. Apple changes its products every year. Sometimes, it feels like as soon as you get a new device, the next one is about to launch. But your name? That’s sacred. It’s something that follows you around for the rest of your life…

Unless, of course, you change it back.

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