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Motorola pioneers new way to unlock your phone, using a Digital Tattoo

Digital Tattoo

A creative and rather interesting new way to unlock your phone (assuming your phone is a Moto X) has been unveiled after the collaboration and partnership of Motorola and VivaLnk. It’s called the Digital Tattoo, and it takes the form of a temporary, stick-on, NFC-enabled tattoo. It’s a very cool concept, but it remains to be seen whether the idea will stick with any permanence or not, just like a real tattoo… 

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It’s amazing how many ways there now are to do something that’s ostensibly such a tiny part of the smartphone experience, namely unlocking your phone. There are passcodes, unlock patterns, knock codes, fingerprint scanners, and now there’s one more to add to the list, and it’s perhaps the most abstract so far.

It’s a piece of technology made by a company called VivaLnk, which is being pushed by Motorola, and it’s called the Digital Tattoo.

As the name suggests, this new technology involves putting a temporary, stick-on tattoo somewhere on yourself (the logical place being on you wrist, but we’d imagine it can be stuck on anywhere), but the clever bit is that the tattoo is NFC-enabled. Thus, unlocking your Moto X becomes a simple mater of tapping against your wrist, or wherever you stuck on the tattoo, and voilà: one unlocked phone.

We have to admit that seeing our phones come to life just by tapping them against our wrists is, well, very cool indeed, so we’d like to see it supporting other phones beyond just the Moto X (the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the magnificent LG G3 spring to mind).

One potential downside, however, is the cost: a pack of ten Digital Tattoos will cost in the region of ten dollars (the other downside is indicated by the price; it seems to be only available in the USA, at the moment), so it’s an extra expense which might not be justifiable to some people, especially as each tattoo will only last 5 days. Costs could conceivably mount up to a fair amount over a year.

At the moment, Digital Tattoo is only usable with the Moto X, but if or when it comes to other smartphones, we could see it finding a niche for itself. Stay tuned for more news! 

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