Is this the new Apple iPhone 6?

It may feel like a few short weeks since the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were welcomed to the world, but consumers and Apple fan boys alike are already looking to 2014 and the iPhone 6. And while there’s no word as yet if there’ll even be an iPhone 6, that hasn’t stopped keen designers from producing realistic looking renders of the next i-device.

The images, originally posted on, come from design duo Marti Hajek and Steve Hemmerstoffer and offer the most realistic renders of the next iPhone to date. In keeping with Apple’s already svelte styling, the pair have enhanced rather than re-designed and it’s not a bad effort.


The device is distinctly thinner, has less bezel and is without the familiar home button at the foot of the front panel. The removal of that button has allowed Hajek and Hemmerstoffer to play around with the display; the edge to edge screen now sits at a noteworthy 4.8-inches. Presumably, Apple would have to incorporate better UI functionality to replace the hardware button and as much as we like the new look we can’t see it going ahead, or at least not until a new home is found for the Touch ID scanner that the company’s recently invested in.

The other main difference is the rear panel, the pair have done away with the aluminium and plastic combination, settling for a full metal uni-body chassis instead.

As we said this is just a bit of fun, although if the iPhone 6 does resemble these mock-ups, you won’t hear any complaints from us.

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