Pokémon GO creators are making a Harry Potter mobile game

The Harry Potter world will come to life thanks to augmented reality.

If you’ve ever lay awake at night, pondering why your Hogwarts letter never arrived, we have some exciting news. While you won’t be able to attend the actual school, you’ll soon be able to whip out your mobile and experience what it feels like to be a witch or wizard.

Yes, there’s a rather magical mobile game in the works. Called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, this new game is being developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Niantic Inc. The latter just so happens to be the masterminds behind the whirlwind success that was Pokémon GO. While there’s no official release date yet, we do know a thing or two about how the app will work.

According to an official statement on Pottermore, the “state-of-the-art augmented reality technology on smartphones, so a player can view the real world through a wizarding world lens.”

Much like Pokémon GO, this augmented reality Harry Potter game will allow users to interact with the real world and computer-generated features in sync. So, for example, you may be walking down your road and bump into a character from the magical franchise.

Of course, there’s much more to it than simply wandering around trying to spot familiar faces along the way. The aim of the game will reportedly be to build up an ‘illustrious wizarding career’. You’ll do that by casting spells, finding mysterious artefacts, and taking part in magical adventures. It’s basically a dream-come-true for any Harry Potter fans out there.

“With this game, we are allowing the passionate, worldwide fan base to explore J.K. Rowling’s deeply powerful and imaginative universe in a new, truly immersive way,” explains David Haddad, President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

“It is wonderful to have Niantic’s remarkable augmented reality expertise as we develop this incredibly rich wizarding world for players to explore in their everyday lives.”

Everything’s pretty hush-hush at the moment, but you can follow the game’s progress on Facebook and Twitter, as well as checking its official site here too. Neat, huh?

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