Qualcomm unveils next year’s Snapdragon processors, and they’re stunners

The three most powerful smartphones of 2014 so far all have one thing in common; all three of them, the Sony, the Samsung and the HTC, use a lightning-fast Snapdragon 801 processor, made by Qualcomm.

And now, according to Engadget, Qualcomm has taken the wraps off next year’s Snapdragon processors, and given us a glimpse of the future.

After the brilliance of this year’s Snapdragon 801, 2015 will see the release of the next-gen Snapdragon 810 and 808 processors, both of which will be 64-bit processors, much like the chip found in the iPhone 5s. However, other chip-makers were caught napping, somewhat, and so Qualcomm’s new 64-bit processors will not appear in devices until 2015.

The Snapdragon 810 is the more powerful of the two, and thus, one could argue, the more exciting. It comes with eight cores, in a similar arrangement to Samsung’s octa-core chips; it’s essentially two quad-core processors bolted together, with one of them being a low-power chip-set, for times when you don’t need to full grunt of the processor.

Clearly Qualcomm are going for efficiency and battery-friendliness in this next processor (and it’s the same with the Snapdragon 808, which has two high-power cores and the same four low-power cores as the 810), so we can expect future phones to have the same power as phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, while being even friendlier to the battery.

Actually, they’ll be able to have more than 4GB of RAM, so they’ll be even more powerful…

And thus, just as 2014 has already proven to be one of the most exciting years for smartphones, 2015 is looking like it will blow everyone’s minds!

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