Robert Downey Jr returns to promote the HTC One M8

Robert Downey Junior HTC One M8

Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr, appears in a new advert, to explain why you should buy yourself an HTC One M8.

HTC shocked the world when they announced that the star of the Iron Man movies, Robert Downey Jr, had become their new spokesperson, as part of a multi-million deal. Until now, though, he’s only appeared in one HTC advert.

That situation has now changed, as he has appeared in a new commercial for the fantastic HTC One M8, a commercial which is now available to view on Youtube (above).

The most noticeable thing about the advert is that it’s most definitely playing up Robert Downey Jr’s current star image, plus there are heavy shades of Tony Stark in there, little tics that any fan of the Marvel movies will doubtless recognise. It’s very likely that’s not an accident, either; it’s quite possible that HTC’s thinking runs along the lines of, “Look, folks, even Iron Man says this is the most amazing phone out there, and he’s Iron Man!”

As has become increasingly apparent in the modern smartphone world, good marketing is a vital part of any phone’s success (which is why Samsung has such stellar successes in the shape of phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5; their marketing blitz, whenever a new phone’s released, is second-to-none), but talk has turned to whether this advert actually is good marketing or not.

Some have called the advert cringe-worthy, which is definitely not the reaction HTC was going for, but for our money, there’s definitely a charm to it, although most of it comes from RDJ’s natural, easygoing charisma.

That latter part is almost definitely what HTC is counting on, in order to really push the HTC One M8 to prospective buyers.

If the advert has worked its magic on you (after all, he is Iron Man), then you might want to check our out HTC One M8 video too… and order yourself one of these incredible new smartphones!

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