Samsung and LG could announce their first 5G mobile phones at MWC 2019

Roll on February 2019!

Next year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) could be an epic event. Both Samsung and LG may be revealing brand new mobile phones at the tech show, according to a report by the Korea Herald.

The leak suggests that there will be some exciting technological developments coming our way at the MWC 19, which will be taking place 25-28 February.

The Rumoured 5G Ready Samsung Galaxy S10

So, what can we expect? Well, one of the biggest theories is that Samsung will be launching a special edition 5G version of the Galaxy S10.

Since we already know that 5G is the future of mobile phones, this should come as no big surprise. As though that wasn’t enough to get you eagerly awaiting the new year, the device may also boast a whopping 6.7-inch screen, alongside a massive 1TB storage.

The Rumoured 5G Ready LG G7 ThinQ

The second rumour that’s been floating about recently is that LG will also be getting a slice of the 5G action.

Yes, according to the same report, the LG G7 ThinQ will be getting something of a makeover ahead of MWC 19. The device was first launched this year but, right now, it only has 4G capabilities.

Aside from that, the minimalist design and advanced features all at a great price mean the phone has gone down a storm with many users.

When Will These 5G Ready Mobiles Be Available

While both devices may be announced at the MWC in February 2019, there’s nothing to say that they will be released at the same time. In fact, the report suggests that the 5G versions of each phone won’t be available until March 2019.

However, since 5G hasn’t yet been rolled out around the UK, the chances are that the infrastructure won’t be widely available until the summer. That means that should you get a 5G handset, you may have to wait a while to use the feature. Patience is a virtue, right?

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